What, where, who, why!? Lets talk about Shingeki no Kyojin season 2.

So i just finished up the second season of Attack on Titan. Honestly I dont know how to feel about it. Part of me was pretty impressed and happy with the overall quality of the show, but then another side of me is a little…. lets say unsatisfied.

I always enjoy the animation. I find that WIT tend to do a bang up job in this department and as an animation buff this is always something i look at first when watching anime. Its not necessarily a deal breaker but it can seriously affect my view on a series. The music was also top knotch. Coming off the back of the soundtrack we saw in the first season this was no surprise and the music stayed amazing throughout the season up to and including the final episode.

The problems I had with AoT2 stem from the serious pacing issues during the mid point of the season, we’ll get to that soon. I can easily say I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Parts of it got me so hyped and made me jump out of my seat in excitement, especially the last episode!

Unanswered questions

To start things off I’d like to point out that I haven’t read the manga and i can appreciate that those who do, know a lot more about these things I am about to discuss. That being said, I’m looking at this as “anime only” so this is how someone in my shoes may feel about the direction of the show.

Erwin says it best, relatable if you read the manga?

So the first season ended with a big ol face appearing out of a crack in the wall. I remember it vividly as a “WHAT THE FUCK!?” moment. 4 years later I was pretty hyped to finally find out what that was all about, or at the very least a clue to finding out.

Try as she might to threaten the Church priest with all manner of insanity. He would not give her any information. He would rather die that tell her it seems. All we know is that these wall Titans need to stay out of the sunlight or its probably game over. That’s it. I waited 4 years for that!? Ok… so that’s an over exaggeration. There are plenty of other things I want to know about leading on from season one, so I can let that go.

But as we go further into season two i begin to realise that I am being drip fed awnsers to my questions like a puzzle to be completed, whilst being handed much bigger pieces to deal with. From a story telling standpoint this isn’t always a bad thing, but I cant help feeling that Attack on Titan is fooling me into thinking I want the next episode by giving me more unanswered questions. At some point I have to ask myself, am I really enjoying this? Or is my curiosity merely getting the better of me?

Pacing people, Pacing!


I might get some flack for saying this but… Attack on Titan has too many flashbacks. Don’t get me wrong, most of them add some form of value to the plot, I just feel that you could easily condense a lot of what is said into far fewer scenes. I can only speak for myself but sometimes the flashbacks take me right out of the zone during the episode.

What really ruined the flow for me though was how the pacing broke down around the middle of the season. Episodes 1 through 7 were pretty good for me in this regard. Plenty of action and back story to please me all whilst driving current events forward. The following 2 and a half episodes kind of triggered me…

Why in the name of the great animu gods did we need 2 and a half episodes of basically nothing? I’m not even talking about the action here. For 2 and a half episodes nothing happened and we learned nothing new. No new information entered my ears. It was basically just Reiner and Bertholdt dodging around any questions thrown at them whilst Ymir contemplates life and tries to decide whos side shes on.

Epic final episodes!

Even with everything I just said, holy shit did the final two episodes make me happy! I was gripped and thrilled throughout! Mikasa once again affirming to me that she is a complete badass who isn’t remotely afraid of doing what she deems necessary to save Eren. Armin shows us his dark side and this made me literally flip my shit, Armin you little demon you, I love you! The whole cast played their parts so well in these final few episodes, everyone had something to offer and I was very impressed with how this was handled. From Hannes showing us what he is made of to the 104th coming together to try to talk things through with Reiner and Bertholdt.

Finally, contradictory to what i said earlier about unanswered questions. The final seen with Eren was mind blowing! What the hell is the “coordinate”? I NEED TO KNOW NOW!


Overall I thought this season of Attack on Titan was fine. It wasn’t amazing by it was certainly an enjoyable watch and I’m definitely hyped for the next season. Bring on 2018!

What did you think of the current season? Do you have your own concerns or can offer any relief to mine? Let me know in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “What, where, who, why!? Lets talk about Shingeki no Kyojin season 2.

  1. hi hi hi! πŸ™‚ I can understand your frustration with the Season, and as someone that is fully up to date with the manga, I can say that the anime has faithfully depicted the entire “clash of the titans” arc.

    I think the titans in the wall contribute to a broader storyline than what we’re being presented with at the moment. If anything I’ve noticed in the anime and the manga is that there are lots of hints dropped here and there that contribute to the overall story, that will lead to a lot of WTF moments. So even though some things seem random or out of place, there really is a rhyme and reason for it. I’m trying to stay spoiler free for you!

    As for Eren being the coordinate, that will get answered in the following season if my prediction of what is getting animated next is correct. πŸ™‚ I’m always down for AoT discussions/theories! πŸ˜€ so I’m open to anything you want to know or don’t want to know!

    My first impression of AoT was not the mainstream. I thought it was overhyped and battles in season 1 drawn out too long (esp. trost district). But after reading the manga, and re-watching season 1 i am a huge fan of the AoT franchise. I will say for Studio Wit to faithfully capture everything in the manga is truly a blessing in disguise. I’m happy that there are no filler’s and they’re trying to integrate some stuff in future chapters in season 2 to get a better flow (hence some flashbacks) of the story.

    And I know everyone was disappointed with this season being 12 episodes – but the “clash of the titans” arc is really only 10-12 chapters long, and the next arc is much longer in comparison.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!!

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    1. Oh thank you so much for your detailed comment. I’m glad someone who knows so much about the franchise could enlighten me a bit more! Haha

      Going from what you’ve said, I feel like as a whole the AoT franchise is something great, especially when you take into account the anime and manga together I guess you can appreciate it a lot more!

      Maybe I should start reading the manga and see how it changes my outlook on the series πŸ˜€ thanks for the great comment!

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      1. Anytime! Like I said I’m open to discussion about anything anime! πŸ˜€

        I’ve been reading scans lately – but I’m at the point where I’m considering investing in it since I want to support the series being translated πŸ™‚

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  2. Totally agree that the pacing in Attack on Titan is painful at times. I also wondered if they were deliberately stretching things out in those episodes just so that they could get to the end point they wanted to. It really felt like the show just paused for a couple of episodes just for the sake of that final.

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  3. Welp, this is exactly why I couldn’t wait and started reading the manga… months ago. And even though I should have completely expected this, I was shivering for most of the time (from excitement, that is, as here there is an average of 38-40Β°celsius). So, yeah, I really enjoyed this season, mostly because of the great way the staff adapted it. As heyitszel said, questions will answered in next season (welp, it depends on how and what they will adapt that is).

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    1. Im definitely getting that impression now from Manga readers such as yourself. Above all else I’m really happy the staff have managed to adapt such a true to life version of the manga, that’s a rare commodity sometimes! Im honestly pretty hyped to read the manga now xD

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      1. Hoh, more Manga readers are always welcome (sorry for being an original source supremacist). Though you may need some time getting used to the artstyle, as… (no offense intended to author-sama), but the Anime’s “visual” element is better in my opinion. And since the new season shouldn’t be in 4 years like this one, you may as well wait if you wish it (don’t wish to force anyone to read the manga if they don’t want to).

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      2. I wont pressure myself to read it, as like you say, next season out in 2018! that being said i do have some of the manga sitting on my shelf so what better way to start πŸ˜€


  4. I was okay with a slower pace in the middle because it gave the show some time to develop the characters more and set up the pieces for the finale. However, if you weren’t a big fan of the slower pace of this season, the next arc in the story may not be to your liking. BUT… I have faith that WIT Studio’s talent can help keep the audience interested.

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