Kakegurui First Impressions!

Next stop on the first impressions train is Kakegurui! This. damn. show. To say that I'm impressed with this one so far is an understatement. It has a lot going for it and could end up being one of the best shows of the season. Lets jump in and look at the reasons why. Story … Continue reading Kakegurui First Impressions!


Katsugeki/ TOUKEN RANBU First Impressions!

So the summer season has started and as you know from my previous post,┬áMy summer 2017 anime picks lets get hypu; I have picked up a bunch of shows with the intention of trying at least the first 3 episodes which will form the basis of my "First Impressions". First up we'll be discussing Katsugeki … Continue reading Katsugeki/ TOUKEN RANBU First Impressions!