About Me

YO! My name is Bradley, but you can call me Brad. I am a HUGE Anime nerd. I’ve been this way since a very young age, ever since my twin brother and i watched our first episode of Dragonball Z. We were immediately hooked to the style¬†of Japanese animation, catapulting our venture deeper into the world of Anime. We started to discover a number of other shows on our British television but back in the 90’s there wasn’t a whole lot. Thankfully, there were some gems! We got hooked on shows like Gundam Wing, Cowboy Beebop, Outlaw Star, Cardcaptors and Sailor Moon!

As we got older we discovered the internet, and after sifting through a shit load of porn, we finally arrived at our Utopia. We worked out how to download fan subbed anime! This was before the days of streamable content (shoutout to mah boy Crunchyroll!) so the only way to watch Anime outside of your own country was to download it.

Around the age of 15 we were heavily influenced by big shounen shows like Naruto and Bleach, but we also became very varied with our tastes, being able to branch out into other genres and experience all kinds of wonderful story telling and animation. Now at the tender age of 27, i find myself watching anything and everything that remotely tickles my interest. I started this blog as an outlet for my passion, and if you stick around im sure you’ll see.

As a final note, Grim (short for Grimsabr) is my online persona for MMORPG’s that i play. Most notably Final Fantasy XIV, of which i have been a player for 2 years.